About Me

fulton missouri family portrait photography chris cleveland and family posing outdoors

Meet Chris

Greetings from the heart of Missouri! I'm Chris, excited to share a bit about myself with you.

Although not originally from Missouri, I call the Show-Me State home, where I've been journeying through life with my wonderful wife and best friend for a remarkable 22 years. Between the two of us, our crew includes five amazing kids, eight lively grandchildren, two dogs, and a quartet of feline friends. When the holidays roll around, itโ€™s a bit crazy at our house, but it's a God-blessed, joy-filled chaos that I wouldn't trade for anything!

When I'm not behind the lens capturing moments in my photography business, you'll find me working with individuals with developmental disabilities. On my time off, my camera and I are scoping out the awe-inspiring beauty of God's creation or capturing the spirited action at my grandkids' sporting events.

Life in our family is wonderfully chaotic and, at times, challenging. The same is probably true for you and your family. I get that it can be tough to see the beauty in the daily madness, so I want to create photos for you that are not just images but stories. I believe in freezing moments that reflect the truth, natural beauty, and the unique tales of those I photograph. Life is a swift journey, and having tangible memories to hold onto is a gift we owe ourselves.

Choosing a photographer is more than hiring someone with a camera; it's about finding a comforting presence amid life's craziness. Your photographer should be someone who captures moments, eases the chaos, and, perhaps, becomes a friend in the process.

As a lifestyle family portrait photographer, I thrive on images filled with movement, emotion, and captivating natural light. While I'm proudly based near Columbia, Missouri, my camera and I have ventured as far as the sunny beaches of Florida. (Yes, I'm always up for a photographic adventure!)

From our first email to the gallery delivery and beyond, I'm committed to ensuring your photography experience is stress-free and enjoyable. My sessions are fun and meaningful, focusing on the unique connections within your family. Families and couples often express surprise at how much fun they have during our sessions โ€“ and that's music to my ears!

I consider myself truly blessed to do what I love โ€“ photography. Each session feels like making new friends, and I genuinely love every family and couple I can work with. I'm eager to embark on this photographic journey with you, capturing beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Let's create some laughter-filled, joyous moments together!