Have questions?

What sets Chris Cleveland Photography apart?

By combining enthusiasm, originality, and a strong relationship with clients, Chris Cleveland Photography surpasses conventional photography. The focus is on creating lasting memories that evoke emotion and capture the authentic essence of every moment.

What are the areas of photography that Chris Cleveland Photography focuses on?

As a photographer, I excel in capturing important moments for my clients, including family portraits, sports events, pet photography, and special occasions. These areas of specialization reflect my dedication to preserving memories that hold significance to you.

Can we do outdoor shoots?

Definitely! Outdoor shoots, whether in a scenic park or your backyard, offer a natural setting for capturing genuine and dynamic photos.

Is it possible to have my pets included in our family pictures?

Indeed! Our beloved pets are also considered part of the family. Including them in our family portraits captures their distinct personalities and adds a special touch of love and warmth to the photos.

What is the time frame for receiving the final images?

Our turnaround times may differ depending on the shoot; however, we ensure efficiency while maintaining high quality. You can expect to receive your breathtaking images in a timely manner!

What is the appropriate attire for our family session?

For some general advice, it's important to wear clothing you truly enjoy, which makes you feel at ease. Rather than worrying about your outfit during the photo shoot, I want you to concentrate on enjoying quality time with your loved ones. Consider selecting two or three complementary colors. Consider the dominant colors in your home and which colors would look best when displaying pictures from the session on your walls.

What happens if my children are unwilling to cooperate?

It is common for young children, and occasionally older ones, to feel timid at the start of a session. However, a lighthearted and playful approach helps them feel at ease in front of the camera. Our goal is to have fun while capturing your children's unique character on camera. We enjoy highlighting all the charming idiosyncrasies, intricacies, and fleeting moments that make up their individuality.

How do I set up a photoshoot?

Need to book a session? Call Chris Cleveland Photography at 660-202-7657, and we'll collaborate to determine the ideal time and location for your photo session.